Cousin Jack Cornish Bacon (6 Rashers)

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This bacon has taken us a few months and several recipe changes to get just right and has been aptly named the Cousin Jack bacon. We select only the best Cornish pork for this bacon, transported no further than 15 minutes from us in Perranwell Station. But from the moment you open the packet you know that this is unlike any other bacon you’ve had before. You’re immediately hit with the sweet, rich smell of the black treacle, Jack Daniel’s whiskey and our blend of secret herbs and spices that this bacon has been curing in for the last 21 days. This long cure time ensures every piece of the bacon you’re about to eat is melt in the mouth tender and infused with this unique, deep, rich taste.

Best enjoyed in our Baker Tom’s soft rolls and lashings of Rodda’s butter. This is proper Cornish. The way it should be.

Pan fry on a medium heat 2-3 minutes per side to caramelise this bacon for the best taste.


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