Flat Doughnut Peaches (500g / 1.1lb)


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Flat peaches are a type of peach with a flattened shape rather than the spherical shape of a standard peach. The shape is fairly irregular and the flesh ‘balloons’ out from the centre dimple of the stone. The dimple makes a handy finger-hold while eating, which adds to the appeal of these peaches as a great snack.

The skin of flat peaches is slightly furry, though this does not detract from the eating experience. The flesh is very sweet, without much acid balance, so the flavour tends to be a little one-dimensional: connoisseurs will prefer the complexity of a good standard peach. New varieties of flat peach are expected to offer a better sweet:acid balance.

Flat peaches are generally good value and make a perfect snack food, particularly for lunch boxes and as an alternative to sweets.


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