Pilchard Works Cornish Pilchard Fillets In Tomato Sauce

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Caught off the shores of Cornwall by small boats fishing for a few hours at a time, the fish are landed while as fresh as possible. The fish are only taken from the boats when in their best condition – a question of oil content in relation to the body weight of the fish.

At the cannery in Brittany the fish are hand sorted before the canning process begins. The fish are filleted and then flash-fried according to a process that has been developed and used since 1853 when their canners, the oldest sardine cannery in the world came into being. The tins are individually filled by hand before the sauce or marinade is added. The canning process uses a combination of the latest in processing equipment with the most traditional of methods to capture the best flavours. Finally, the tins are checked for content and quality by hand before being sealed.

The recipes used in their tinned fish products have been created exclusively for The Pilchard Works.  Whether preserved in extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil or in rich tomato sauce, the flavour of the fish bursts through.


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