Tiptree Damson Conserve 340g

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Every Autumn, vibrant blue damsons bring a splash of colour to the Wilkin Estates at Tiptree, Essex, where we have been growing fruit since the 1800s. Each damson plum is carefully hand-picked. We use them with our Damson Conserve, Damson Stoneless Conserve and also our English Fruit Gin Liqueur.

The difference between our Damson Conserve and our Damson Stoneless Conserve is that for the latter the fruit is pulped and the stones are removed prior to boiling, whereas with the Damson Conserve the whole fruit is used, and then the stones are carefully removed after cooking.

The Damson Stoneless is slightly darker in colour with a smooth texture and a sweeter taste, whereas the Damson Conserve has a fruity texture and more of a tangy note.

Kosher certified Yes
Non-GMO Certified Yes
Free from known allergens Yes
Suitable for Vegans Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians Yes
Suitable for Coeliacs Yes
Made in a nut free factory Yes


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