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About us

The new owners of The Grow Box who’ve taken over Thornes Fruit and Veg. As you may already know we also own Demon Clothing Co. in Redruth which we’ve been running for the last three years. We’re currently building out an awesome team at Demon so that Gemma can concentrate there and allow Lee to oversee the running and development of The Grow Box.

Lee is about to enter his final year as a student nurse, so The Grow Box is a fantastic platform to allow him to help promote the health and well-being of the local population in ways other than traditional hands on care.We’ve just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and as a team we are stronger than ever.

We live in Redruth with our 9 year old son Bow and two whippets. We’re also grandparents to a 10 month old granddaughter Blake, and in another few months a new grandson. We’re extremely proud to own businesses in Redruth. It’s very much a privilege to do so. It’s something Lee has aspired to since his father started a business in Redruth in 1963, and retired just a few years ago.We hope that we can serve you, our customers, well and that we do Redruth justice in what we do!

Thank you all for your continued support. The positivity we’ve seen recently really has been overwhelming.